Editors Views | Pascal Marima

By @Im_pascal

I take a realistic look at BAFANA BAFANA and their woes as of late. What is really going on with our NATIONAL TEAM??

Why are South Africans subjected to failure by our national team?

For over a decade now Bafana Bafana have failed to became one of the power houses of Africa, failed to conquer africa even in our own back yard being the host country and all.

We have spent over millions of rands in taxpayers & citizens money to host and keep SA football alive during those times but why are we re-payed with failure.

All were told is how hopeful we all must be that we can progress instead of actually progressing and improving taking South Africa to greater heights.

Listen below: courtesy of SABC SPORT
Mashaba is hopeful

The most remarkable thing about this whole tragedy is that South Africans remain faithful to our national team hoping that one day things will eventually became right that our pride in Africa and the world will be restored. But when will that be ever possible??

When Shakes took over as head coach he had vision and the right mind to further Bafana Bafana and his motto was on point, he said he will select players based on form and not on other things like the club they play on or their names but what happened to all that?

Players like Erasmus, Lebese, Shabalala, & Modise why weren’t they called up. Instead he brought on players with no game time or just sit on the bench on their respective teams. Why did he call up Serero, Dean Furman who just returned to South Africa to play for Super Sport United after not playing in europe, was it really good to debut Zulu on such a big game? What’s shakes mandate now?

There are loads of questions that remain unanswered, I doubt if they’ll ever be answered.

Who is fooling who here because its very clear that our coach has not plan now for Bafana Bafana and if that’s the case he should step down and let someone else take over before he does worse than what’s already is bad. I like Shakes don’t get me wrong but its never about him but about the national team.

For god sakes SAFA HOUSE its time you guys change the name Bafana Bafana to a name we all can be proud off a name that can be translated to ‘The boys The boys’ it is letting us down. We know there is a great history and legacy behind the name but guys think about…

To The Men Selected To Represent The Country

This is not your team to do as you please, this is not the place where you can blow off some steam. When you wear that national team jersey you telling us citizens that you understand our desire to win and be the best, that you know you going to war to conquer your enemies, that you understand what it means to wear that jersey.

We don’t want players showing us how exhausted they are because they been playing regular football if that’s the case please decline and someone else will replace you, we don’t want you telling us you sorry we didn’t WIN we want you to tell us what a great victory it was. Be a team player be tremendous and show leadership on the field, you don’t have to be a captain to lead a team, if we can have 11 leaders on the field our team will prosper.

I hope and wish BAFANA BAFANA will become the best in the world for we deserve to be the best and to all South Africans let’s not lose hope let’s rally behind ‘The Boys’.


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