Fifa crisis: How Twitter users reacted to Sepp Blatter’s resignation

It didn’t take long for news of Fifa’s impromptu news conference on Tuesday – coming after several days of crisis and controversy – to spread on social media.

With surprisingly few journalists within striking distance of Fifa’s headquarters in Zurich, Twitter users were forced to await nuggets of information from a small group of reporters.
Fortunately, one of the journalists at the scene was BBC 5 Live’s Richard Conway.

As the conference was pushed back by 30 minutes, then another 15 minutes, those furiously refreshing Fifa’s live stream debated what announcement awaited.

When Fifa President Sepp Blatter eventually took to the stage, it wasn’t long before the shock announcement that he would be standing down was met by an onslaught of terrible puns:

Twitter users may have been confined to a 140 character limit – but this image was easily worth a thousand words. It was shared widely across the social network, as news of Mr Blatter’s shock exit spread.

With Fifa talking of “ensuring an orderly transition” it felt more like a coup than the resignation of the top football official. If that was the case, there was another question on people’s lips:

Oh, and the Americans want to take the credit:

With Mr Blatter gone, talk soon started over who might replace him:

Others had more pressing matters on their minds:

And with that, the excitement was over. At least until the election campaign starts again.

By Pascal


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