Uefa president Michel #Platini claims Fifa chief Sepp #Blatter is “finished” and will not support the Swiss’ re-election bid.

Breaking News:Sepp Blatter is finished said Platini

Breaking News:Sepp Blatter is finished said Platini

The Uefa chief has become the latest
senior football figure to condemn the Fifa president and insists there is no chance he will support his re-election

Uefa chief Michel Platini says that Fifa president Sepp Blatter is “finished” and has refused to support his bid to retain his position as head of world football’s governing body.
Platini’s comments arrive in a week that has seen a number of European football leaders publicly criticise Blatter following more allegations of corruption in Fifa.

English Football Association chairman Greg Dyke said he was “deeply troubled” by Blatter’s reaction to allegations of corruption in The Sunday Times, while Netherlands Football Association chief Michael van Praag called for Blatter to take responsibility and step down from his role.

“I am supporting him no longer, it’s finished,” Platini told L’Equipe.

“I’ve known him for a long time and I like him,but I’m not favourable to him having another term.

“I supported him in 1998 but I do not support him in 2014. In future, I will not support Blatter. I have told him that. I think Fifa needs a breath of fresh air.”

Platini also confirmed he is considering standing for the role of Fifa president but insisted he would not be doing so just to oust Blatter.

“It is not because of Blatter that Michel Platini would stand,” he added.

“It is not because of Sepp Blatter that Michel Platini would not appear. My only concern is what I want to do. I am almost 60 years old and I need to know what I want.”

Blatter caused further consternation this week with his comments over the possibility of a future

“inter-planetary” football tournament .
‘My mission isn’t finished’ – Blatter to stand for re- election

Blatter dances his troubles away Blatter: One day football will be played on other planets Blundering Blatter may struggle to survive Uefa ambush

Time for Blatter to step down as Fifa president -Van Praag platini wants to be fifa president of course he’s no longer going to support blatter. both are corrupt.

find someone else.

someone wants to become the fifa president beckenbauer for fifa president …..that’s the solution…
One corrupt f00l talking about another corrupt f00l. That’s nice.

The entire fifa organization needs a breath of fresh air, blatter should just be a starting point. Platini himself is just as corrupt. Platini voted for Qatar also

This game is played by 20 year olds. So why is this old fukc still in charge? FIFA needs a young president who is aware of what the young people want. I mean this idiot said no to goal line technology at first Platini himself is corrupt. Wasn’t he the one that suggested the stupid idea of having the 2020 Euro tournament be in multiple European countries even though Turkey and Scotland want to host them? We need someone moral and honest but not senile and insane like those two.

Maybe referee Pierluigi Collina…
Blatter for US president!!!!
I’m kidding that would be the end of the world as we know it.

Not only blatter but FIFA is also finish
Kim Kardashian .. is she standing for elections too.. Blatter, Platini and Pele – the most stupid footballing personalities in the world.

Cruyff does not make stupid statements add maradona to that list.
You are next, Mr. Corruption. You are even worse than Blatter. Ironic and pathetic

Maybe Platini acted as a mad and corrupted politician just to take the Fifa presidency and be able to change positively the football once he has the power. I hope so because for the moment, Michel is almost not worse than Blatter.

Welbeck, the only rigtful nominee for FIFA.

Reasons are following:
1. As Englishman, he would take away WC22 from dirty $atar and give it to England, football homeland.
2. Fellow Englishmen would agree without any doubt they just lost most useless and overrated player, quality of NT would improve, even if only slightly.
3. Make this overrated black big-foreheaded overrated moothafuuka proud of being overrated & corrupt at the same time.

Platini says Blatter is finished !!! What about you Platini??? You lead UEFA for more corruption to help teams that support you. It’s better to leave also.

FIFA will earn 400 million for World
Championships. See Stepp Blatter reaction.

Maldini, Giggs or Zanetti for FIFA president!!!
5 replies Agree about first and last.

Gilfggs however would do his job bad since all he car3s about is r4ping wifes away from home Puyol roger milla or abedi pele or better still george

Birds of the same feathers. What is that Blatter has done which platini has not. May give his beloved son messi ballon d’or. They all voted for Qatar and get the share bribery. Both most go FIFA will earn 400 million for World Championships. See Stepp Blatter reaction.

Mr. Platini, you should shut up. Blatter has done good for football so far. You go first to learn English and stand for the post.

Champagne for president!
OH YAWA OO!!!!!!

In his campaign, Blatter had stipulated that, if re-elected in 2011, he would not run again for president.


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